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About Us

About Us

We Partner With You To Maintain Your Properties

Here at Modern, we specialize in taking a client's portfolio of single family residential homes and maintaining them. We work in both proactive and reactive scenarios. We take on and perform the physical maintenance needs for each property in a modular process. Each job flows through our process like a warm knife through butter.

“Efficiency is doing better the things already being done”

Here's a little bit about our process:

1. Receipt
We receive your work order through your system portal, email or phone call.

2. Inspection/Repair
We schedule a time to come inspect/repair the property with the tenant for a technician to come out to the property within your urgency timeframe.

3. Bid
We fix whatever needs to be fixed if we are able to within 1 - 2 hours.
IF WE REQUIRE ANOTHER TRIP and goes above your Not To Exceed amount, we'll provide a bid for the project within 24 hours.

4. Repair
Once our bid is accepted, we schedule the project trades needed with the resident within your urgency timeframe.

5. Finish The Job
We close any permits needed to perform the job and bill you for the agreed upon amount.

Keeping you focussed..

Leaving your properties in good hands with us will ensure you peace of mind and will leave you able to focus on the more important aspects of your business




For a detailed list of our rates, please contact us. You’ll find our rates to be the most competitive out there. We do offer special pricing in many cases, the more properties you manage, the better we’re able to maintain them at a low rate.

Our process is simple, we are called to fix a problem by you. We send a technician to inspect the property, if they can fix it on the first visit within one hour, we will. If we have to, we will estimate the project cost and send a bid to you within 24 hours. If you approve the bid, we will perform the tasks needed to get the job done based on a specialized timeframe. We then bill according to our agreement, and the job is complete!

Give us a call or text today and we’ll get you in contact with our sales team. We can typically get a client in and on properties within a week of first getting in contact with them.


Services We Provide

We work all around the country in many cases for most trades. Here are just a few of the things we can offer.

Residential Solutions

We do all types of residential work. We can help you with almost any trade possible!

Commercial Solutions

We offer most of the trades we specialize in with commercial properties as well.

Interior Services

We can provide interior services on both vacant properties as well as occupied.

Exterior Services

We offer services for exterior services as well in warm weather and cold weather.

Rental Turn Services

We're happy to provide quick turn around rental maintenance as well.