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Recently Asked Questions

We hear many questions asking about our services and what we offer. About our system, processes, etc. It's hard to start thinking about how many projects we handle without asking how! Here are some questions we get often.

This is a simple question to have. The answer is simple. YES!

We offer all of these same services directly to homeowners we work with. The added bonus here is that since we’re so geared towards streamlining processes and working with large clients, this often makes the bottom line faster and cheaper than anyone in the direct to consumer contracting market.

We can work on your projects immediately, we simply have to get some documentation out of the way, like our service terms and such. We have to know your standards and how you would like us to manage your properties. 

Simply give us a call if you have a problem you cannot seem to solve. We can start with a work order even and get the other stuff out of the way later. We’re very flexible.

We operate all over the country. Our largest branch is out of Aurora, CO. This covers as south as Pueblo, CO and as far north as Cheyenne, WY.

We are happy to consider any out of the way area. We can start work in new territory and deploy a branch office very quickly.

This one’s easy, we’re faster, cheaper and funner to work with than any of our competition. We love having a good time while we work. Heck, it would be very tough work if we didn’t enjoy it!

Our project managers work with companies that own as much as 4,500 single family residences!

Some of our smaller clients own 500 residences.

We manage 100 plus unit apartment complexes.

We really can handle anything you may have to throw at us. There is a lot of luster lacking in our industry. Where others lack, we perform. Because of this, we tend to hold onto our clients for a very long time.  

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